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Shanxi tian’an xiang yu electric appliance co., LTD was built in 1997 (formerly shanxi tian electric appliance co., LTD.), on the basis of the share financing to form a joint-stock enterprises. Main production 220 kv and below each outdoor ac high-voltage isolating switch, grounding switch, vacuum circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breaker, transformer and operating mechanism, high and low voltage electric porcelain, complete sets of electrical appliances and equipment, and installation, maintenance, debugging and installation of electricity transmission &transformation facilities of electricity transmission &transformation facilities of civil engineering, electrical engineering design.

Company is located in jinzhong city, Shanxi Province quality industrial park central avenue road, 108 national road is in the west, north 16 kilometers away from taiyuan airport, east from quality train station 5 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.

Shanxi tian’an xiang yu electric appliance co., LTD., based on people-oriented, quality first, market first idea, give full play to existing resources, efforts to produce in line with market demand, meet customer requirements of qualified products. In 2008 is evaluated "jinzhong city guard the heavy reputation of contract" enterprises, in 2010 is evaluated "guard the heavy reputation of contract" in Shanxi Province. External processing complete sets of electrical products and related parts and components, sold throughout the country, work well, meet the requirements of the customer, there have been no any size accident, by the broad masses of the user's consistent high praise. In 2009 the company passed the evaluation of state grid corporation, become its recruit ordinary members of the cast net, one-time through the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. In 2011 through the Inner Mongolia power (electricity) group company annual supplier pre-qualification, made in 2012 the national power grid in Shanxi Province electric power company bidding procurement 2012 annual supplier performance information verification certificate of qualification.

Shanxi tian’an xiang yu electronics co., LTD., has been with the aim to develop the market demand, customer satisfaction for product development direction, to WanShanHua products comprehensive improvement, meet the needs of electricity and railway industry rapid development, the company all staff is willing to continuously improve itself, unremitting efforts, the creative work, to advanced products, reliable quality, excellent service, won the user's satisfaction, electric power, railway construction to make positive contributions to the nation.

Shanxi tian’an xiang yu electric appliance co., LTD

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Contact phone number: 15103547110

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Fax: 0354-2666511

Address: high quality industrial park central avenue

Website: www.taxy-electric.com

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